Ronnie Cramer Reviews
Ronnie Cramer Reviews

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Alarming Trends

'EXCELLENT...featuring Ronnie Cramer's songwriting and guitar work and Rebecca Watson's expressive singing...warped...great. Best bets here are the paranoid strung out 'Mangled Nerve Center' and the closing 'White Cross' - with its motif of gargantuan mackerel flying around the landscape.' - Factsheet Five

'JACKPOT! - The quartet plays dark, driving, at times menacing rock led by Ronnie Cramer's deep, growling guitar. It's music that hits you as hard in the head as it does in the gut. The star talent - and we do mean star - is Rebecca Watson, who rattles off the words in a sultry but full-of-it tone. A band to watch.' - College Music Journal

'A mix of 1977 punk ethics matched to a penchant for catchy hooks.' - Westword

'Steeped in the New York thrash punk tradition, this band has guts.' - University of Denver Clarion

'This band has a lot going for it...strong songs, written by the group's guitarist, Ronnie Cramer, who pounds unmercifully on his axe throughout the album. And the music? It ain't too bad. As a matter of fact, it's great.' - Vusic Express Confidential

'Denver's most creative group.' - Westword

'Hard-edged, driving music mixed with a sultry voice.' - Lamar University Press

'A creative and ingenious band.' - St. Johns University Torch

'Keep your eyes on The Alarming Trends, they're worth watching for.' - LiveWire

'The band is imaginative, creative and daring.' - University of San Diego Vista

You Make Me Live in a Trailer Album:

'This album is incredible.' - Brooklyn College Kingsman

'An amazing record.' - KEOL

'The music is great! It's hot!' - WROC

''Wild guitar sounds...Great stuff.'' - KSSB

'Really liked it. Audience responds to it! Great stuff!' - KBCC

'Great tunes!' - WORB

'Blistering guitar work!' - WSRN

'Nice production. Very good band.' - WIDR

'I loved this one so much we pushed it into heavy rotation.' - KUCB

'Great, thick, throbbing, modern sound with up front drums and excellent guitar treatment.' - KEOL

Alarming Trends 30-Minute Film:

'EXCELLENT...clever...surprising...well produced...great look...well worth looking for.' - Psychotronic Video

'WELL PRODUCED FUN. Not your typical MTV ilk, Alarming Trends is about music, but sans the rock star posturing that goes with the genre.' - Film Threat Video Guide

'EXCELLENT. Amusingly surrealistic. Involving two roommates, inter-dimensional travel and the relationship between people and their TV sets...vocalist Rebecca Watson has a nice film presence and comes across as a young combination of Debbie Harry and Tanya Tucker...the film makes a good setting for the music of Alarming Trends and stands up to repeated viewings.' - Option

'UNIQUE, CLEVER and ENTERTAINING. Alarming Trends' music is blended perfectly with Cramer's inventive, offbeat film techniques... highly recommended. Lead vocalist Rebecca Watson steals the show despite the bizarre visuals. Presenting a great photogenic style, Watson knows how to 'work' a camera, and Cramer, putting ego aside, exploits her talents to the fullest, making her the center of the well-deserved attention. FUN, WITTY, SEXY, ENERGETIC and INSPIRED. A SUCCESS!' - They Won't Stay Dead

White Cross Video:

'You'd never think that a video about a flying fish that decapitates people and a stationary punkish girl spewing out the hook would be as full-bodied as this, but it is. We're not talking sushi, but fish-tossing, and once the fins get on course it's time for a torpedo look-out. These marauders are some of the best things to hit indie video in a long time.' - College Music Journal


'STYLISH DIRECTION. Excellent black and white photography. Cramer tells his story with a sure hand. Superior music score.' - Skam

'STYLISHLY SHOT and superbly acted. It's well worth the price!' - World of Fandom

'AN EFFECTIVE THRILLER. The photography is quite good.' - Video Vault

'Back Street Jane is a compelling, gritty and effective piece of filmmaking. It never sags, constantly moving forward to its grisly conclusion...fascinating to watch. Back Street Jane is a damn good picture, a crime drama that doesn't romanticize its subject while keeping your attention from beginning to end. Watch for it.' - SC Digest

'A PERFECT, GREAT LOOKING blank generation look at people who live for drugs. Effective sex and violence and non-stop doublecrosses and plot surprises in the tradition of movies like 'The Killing' and 'The Asphalt Jungle.' The actors all do fine, low key work.' - Psychotronic Video

'ONE OF THE BEST. It's a complex story of double-crossing in the dangerous world of cocaine dealing. Monica McFarland, Marlene Shapiro and Sheila Traister make a daunting trio of female leads. The camera work and pacing are excellent. The ending is one of the most grisly shockers I've seen in some time, believable enough to be truly scary. This is a film worth chasing down.' - Factsheet Five

'Back Street Jane is a COMPELLING, GRITTY and EFFECTIVE piece of filmmaking. This is one tough flick, never flinching when it could, but never shouting when a whisper is sufficient. It never sags, constantly moving forward toward its grisly conclusion. Back Street Jane is a damn good picture, a crime drama that doesn't romanticize its subject while keeping your attention from beginning to end. Watch for it.' - Sergio Taubmann, Film Review

'ENGROSSING. Exceptionally well played by Marlene Shapiro and Monica McFarland...and capably supported by Sheila Traister as the murderous 'Nicole.' Back Street Jane's fine acting and straightforward malevolence make it a good addition to any film noir library.' - Film Threat Video Guide

'A slick yet gritty combination of straightforward crime flick and underground art film, Cramer's tale of amoral female hustlers belies its non-existent budget, and along the way presents a memorably scary Dragon Lady.' - Max Allen Collins, Mystery Seen

Cantata in C Major

'Ronnie Cramer's oddball masterpiece. Undoubtedly the weirdest movie of the (KC) Jubilee - and one of the most enjoyable. Hysterical.' - Kansas City Star

'Fascinates and rivets!' - Mendocino Film Festival

'An intelligent (and fun) conceptual operation.' -


'THE BEST DRIVE-IN MOVIE OF THE YEAR. One of the funniest goldurn movies I've ever watched. One of the greatest independent comedies ever made. Drive-In Academy Award nominations for Ronnie Cramer, the genius who previously directed the violent drug drama Back Street Jane, and Andren Scott as Marcus Templeton, for saying 'I should eat at home and save my money for call girls.' Four stars. Joe Bob says check it out.' - Joe Bob Briggs

'One of those inspired efforts that clearly come from the heart. A perceptive examination of loneliness - one of the most moving and funny you'll ever see. Director Cramer gives the film the rough-edged irreverence and unpredictability of a '70s drive-in flick, and that's exactly the way the story ought to be told.' - Roanoke (VA) Times

'Cramer has done a nice job of editing and pacing and has assembled a gorgeous cast of cuties...boasting a surprisingly witty and mordant screenplay. Andren Scott is quite convincing in the part of the pathetic Marcus. So luscious are the women that I seriously doubt most men will notice the films moodily playful score which comes courtesy of Alarming Trends.' - Brutarian

'This independent production has achieved a rarefied cult status on video.' - Video Hound's Video Premieres

'Breasts a go-go.' - Bang

'Truly an instant underground classic. One of the blackest comedies ever made. A one-of-a-kind gem. However, be warned, there is an unbelievable amount of gratuitous nudity throughout this movie. Wow. Cramer and his cast of top-notch, sexy strippers gives us viewers a seedy evening of fun. Nice job. Buy this film.' - Backyard Cinema

'Just one more example of how good low-budget films can be. The music is great.' - VideoMania

'A tasty bit of cruel humor. Much to savor.' - Trash

'Cramer has created the perfect comedy situation...with a plethora of nude cuties showing their stuff. Remarkably well-done, adeptly acted, thought-provoking, painfully humorous, and above all; wonderfully entertaining. You owe it to yourself to get this one.' - They Won't Stay Dead

'Inspired...singularly unique...well made...with a gourmet's sampler of 'bimbos' in topless cameos.' - Adult Video News

'The girls are luscious. Extremely offbeat. Made by some intelligent people with excellent senses of humor. I highly recommend it.' - Exploitation Journal

'This parade of breasticles is the 'Ben-Hur' of Big-Titty Movies. Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend is a film for fans, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of bodacious ta-tas and big old titties, a 98 minute black comedy crammed full of enormous meat pillows, large hooters and colossal milksacks.' - Nose Magazine

'A new cult hit. A hilarious new black comedy.' - Cult Movies

'One of the biggest cult movies of the new wave. Very funny. Cramer cast his prick-teasing, abuse-flinging actresses well - especially super-stacked Karen Pombo...and Andren Scott is damned near perfect as Marcus.' - Score


'Leave it to Denver gonzo filmmaker Ronnie Cramer to uncover an even stranger sub-culture of thrill freaks than you could find at a Cicero grindhouse in 1967!' - Joe Bob's Ultimate B Movie Guide

'Outrageously weird and funny.' - Westword

'Very well done. An interesting change of pace from the director who brought us Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend.' - Secret Scroll Digest


'A WINNER. A really really strange one. But a winner. Four stars.' - Joe Bob Briggs


'INSPIRED...of all the versions of the film soundtrack I've seen/heard, this one rocks the most.' - Chris McDill, Webbed Hand Records

A Moment in Time

'A wonderful window into DeAndrea's world. Well done!' - Elana Johnson, Denver Post


'GREAT FILM. One of the most original things I've seen in a long time!' - Sean Doherty, Estes Park Film Festival

'FASCINATING to watch.' - Martin Cheek, Gilroy Dispatch (CA)

'BIZARRE, hypnotic, and funny.' - Starz Denver Film Festival

'Viewers will be transfixed...a positively eerie beat...a daring statement.' - Trenton Film Festival


'An inspiring video.' - Dahlia Weinstein, Rocky Mountain News

Pillow Girl

'MESMERIZING.' - Reel Heart Film Festival

'A JAW-DROPPING exercise in formal beauty and digital virtuosity.' - Coney Island Film Festival (Named Best Experimental Film)

'A DISORIENTING KALEIDOSCOPE around the sultry female form.' - Columbus Ledger-Examiner

'A HYPNOTIC DANCE of female icons. Pillow Girl is one of the best films we have had at DUFF.' - Denver Underground Film Festival (Named Best Animated Short)

'A VIRTUOSO technical performance.' - Arizona Republic

'TREMENDOUS WORK. Utterly ingenious.' - The Grim Ringler

'You've never seen anything quite like Pillow Girl.' - Nevada City Film Festival


'A bizarre new art form that is at once both hypnotically beautiful and strangely disorienting.' - Upstage Magazine

'Comical yet disturbing. A thought-provoking journey of history, sound and representation.' - NonStarving Artists

'Like any strong piece of art, Pillow Girl seems to be a world unto itself...(it) works at many levels, not the least of which being that it's a BLAST to watch.' - Nevada City Film Festival

'AWESOME!' - John Denlinger, Portland International Short Short Film Festival

'This is an ingenious short film. It titillates and disturbs.' - The Union (CA)

'The hypnotic procession of buxom beauties in Ronnie Cramer's Pillow Girl morph into one another at a dizzying pace.' - St. Louis Riverfront Times

Quiet Please

'Delightfully funny and wickedly smart.' - DishMag

30 Miles

'Indisputably stunning and all too brief.' - Film Threat


'Ronnie Cramer of Denver, an inspired demento who's made some of the finest underground films of this century.' - Joe Bob Briggs

'Cramer is a man for all seasons.' - The Globe

'Cramer's work deserves a second and third look.' - Arts Advisory & Design Studios

'Original and inventive.' - Option

'Cramer has an amazing facility with mass media.' - Westword

'Ronnie Cramer is a director of note. An American with an eye for the uncanny and the absurd. He also likes to be behind the camera creating really amazing films.' - Cinema Tonic

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